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The default ideology of a wealthy man (which is everybody’s ideal customer) is to get the most value for the least price.
The statement above is very very very different from “Affordability”;
Affordability I can argue is not even an “actual” term in modern business dictionaries.

While a Dangote for instance would love to build a great website for N100, he’s not going to click on an Ad that says “build your website for N100” nah!
He will click on the Ad that says “build a customized, highly responsive and premium website” (which are the markings of a great website), and then he’s going to try to beat the price to N100 if he can, and if he can’t, he’ll pay those people’s price anyway.

While your ideal customer must have set out a particular amount for a particular item and is even looking to spend less on it if possible;
You must understand that he/she has not set out “to spend that amount” but has set out to “acquire a particular value”.

The kind of people you attract with “affordability” as the chief USP are people who could care less about you or the service and would therefore put no respect on it.
They cannot be great ambassadors of your brand or service.

At Creatify, our services ain’t affordable, nah nah nah!
Our services are extremely valuable and worth every dime we charge you for it!




Creatify leverages on technology to provide solutions businesses are exploiting to create distinctive identities, digitalize their processes and communicate effectively.

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