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REBRANDING is a really interesting word with various definitions.

To us, it is embracing an identity your experiences have helped mould you into.

2017 has been the most wonderful year in CREATIFY’s existence and that is in terms of pretty much everything;

deals closed, partnerships secured, enviable capacity built and even great failures too.

Here we are, not just standing but standing even stronger,

Here we are, excited, proud and ready to unveil the new identity our experiences have helped mould us into, to share with all of you, the values CREATIFY was built on and the values we now represent.

Started out as the freelance startup of a graphics designer years ago, we are now a structurally efficient firm that is bravely exploring and exploiting every frontier of technology to provide digital solutions businesses can exploit to communicate effectively.

Our new logo represents cooperation, creativity, dynamism, expressiveness and a flexible wall built to specifically encourage and allow growth and expansion.

All of the lessons we have learnt in these years of existence have prepared us to take on the important task of cheering a technological revolution in Africa, aimed at increasing African businesses efficiency at practically everything.

It is not a mission we embraced today, it is one we have only reinforced our commitment in on this day and we hope you join us on this journey.


We look forward to the new experiences we would share together even as we pledge to stay committed to our core values of innovation, discipline and dedication to offer you services unmatched in terms of real value.

CREATIFY is not only reborn this day, she is rededicating her commitment to epitomising ludicty as the communication standard for African businesses.





Creatify leverages on technology to provide solutions businesses are exploiting to create distinctive identities, digitalize their processes and communicate effectively.

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